Wednesday, 3 June 2009

‘ARF May Blog’

Hi All,
It’s been a busy first month and we thought we would bring you up to date with events and news in helping Abbey Road Friends live their dream: -

Newspaper Celebrities:
The month began with the local newspaper (Bexley Times) interviewing Charlotte’s Mum in relation to highlighting the ‘ARF’ project and our goals.

That’s my Mum and Dad (Charlotte), wait a minute ‘ARF’ are the celebs here where’s our picture?

Local BBC Tour:
On Friday 8th May our Mum’s and Friends visited a number of local watering establishments; hang on a minute we thought you got bottled water from ASDA? Anyway the adventurers visited a number of local licensees and their customers in Bexley, Belvedere and Crayford.

Due to the local generosity of the licensees and their customers the event raised a total of £521, plus s few hangovers!

Afternoon Tea & Scones:
On Friday 22nd May our friend Sally had 25 family and friends around to her home in Hextable for afternoon tea and assortment of delicious cakes. Kerrie and I attended the event and a great afternoon was had by all. Kerrie was saucy and had a glass of Cava, but don’t tell her Mum!

Due to everyone’s generosity the event raised £385.

Future Events:
The next event is scheduled for 3rd June when 100 ‘ARF’ family and friends will be attending a function at Twins Restaurant in Dartford for a Chinese Banquet, followed by a Barbra Streisand tribute act and disco. The tickets sold-out within 2 weeks of going on sale, people’s support to ’ARF’ is so amazing!

Bexley Crossroads Care Ltd:
We are now pleased to announce that BCCL were the successful service providers who will be providing future care services to ‘ARF’. All parties will be meeting to complete due diligence in the coming months and understand ‘ARF’ care requirements at both home and college.

Abbey Road Property:
The proposed building completion date is now September.

That’s it for now lookout for our next Blog coming at the end of June!

Charlotte, Kerrie & Nik :)

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  1. Hi all
    Well, what a fab way to let all their friends know how the plans are coming on. It is so exciting for you all – congratulations on all the fundraising efforts and I look forward to hearing Kerrie, Charlotte and Nik have moved in and are having great lives.

    Best wishes to you all