Sunday, 4 October 2009

‘ARF September Blog’

Hi All,
We have some tremendous news to share with you all this month regarding the amazing support ‘ARF’ continue to receive in living our dream:

Axis Disco at the Valley:

Axis foundation held a disco evening at Charlton Athletic Football Club on Friday 18th September in support of ‘ARF’. The event was well attended with over 250 guests that included Axis staff, ‘ARF’ friends and family. There was also red carpet treatment for one very special guest; can you guess who?

That’s right; it was none other than our own ‘ARF’ celebrity, Kerrie. Kerrie and all the guests had a great evening boogying on the dance floor, which unfortunately was not captured due to a total ban on the paparazzi.

The evening raised an amazing £4,000 which is absolutely tremendous, but that’s not all. Axis foundation have agreed to match the amount raised on the evening and double it to a staggering £8,000. Axis will use the £8,000 raised to purchase items to furnish the ‘ARF’ property from a very large shopping list.

‘ARF’ and Family would like to thank the Axis foundation for their generous support in living our dream. We would also like to personally thank John Hayes, Tim Hayes and the Axis staff for their amazing generosity and support in organising the event which raised such an incredible final evening total.


Keep on Running:
Faith Lee completed the Adidas Women’s 5K Challenge on the 6th September, a day after her birthday in a time of 45 minutes. Faith dedicated her run in support of ‘ARF’ and raised £150.

Faith now has the bug and is setting her sites on bigger events and has agreed to support ‘ARF’ further by running the ‘Silverstone ½ Marathon’ in March 2010. Anyone wishing to sponsor Faith & ARF please contact Well done Faith on a great achievement.

Woo Woo Punch & Vodka Jelly’s:
Kerrie’s Mum Tracey held a BBQ for Family and Friends on the 12th September in support of ‘ARF’. Guests made a donation for the pleasure of BBQ food, Woo Woo Punch, Orange & Raspberry Vodka Jelly’s. The event raised £140

Taxi for?:
Friends of Kerrie’s Mum Tracey have been making donations towards travel costs when Tracey has driven them on a trip or night out. The total raised to date is £60

Ladies Pamper & Shopping Night:

Friday 25th September ‘ARF’s good friend Diane held a ‘Ladies Pamper and Shopping Night’ in a Scout Hall in Dartford, in support of ‘ARF’. There were numerous stalls providing various beauty treatments, fashion jewellery, lingerie, Krispy Kreme donuts, etc.

The final amount raised on the evening was £175

Personal Donations:
We would also like to thank a number of ‘ARF’ family and friends who have made personal donations, which are very much appreciated.

Our New Home:
Our excitement continues to grow with the thought of seeing our new home, but unfortunately we still have no confirmation of completion yet from Hexagon the contractors. We continue to ask our parents to drive past the property for an update on progress and as you can see from the picture above things look on track?

Well that’s about it again for another busy month and what an amazing month it’s been with everyone supporting us in living our dream. We will continue to keep the blog updated with future events and any news regarding our completion date, so keep checking.

Until next time, thank you everyone for your continued support!


Charlotte, Kerrie & Nik : ) lol

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