Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Yee-haw! - Ride ‘em’ Cowboy

Howdy Partner,
Why not join us to celebrate Cowboy Nik’s next big adventure with a leaving home ‘Rodeo’ party on Saturday 10th October from 6pm onwards at:

Spring Cottage,
11 Clarence Crescent,
Kent DA14 4DG
RSVP Tricia: 07988 027785 or 020 8302 6804
Email: triciatsatsoulis@googlemail.com

The evening includes the following:
- Bucking Bronco 6:30 – 9:30pm
- Karaoke from 8pm
- Fajitas & Paella
- Sangria & Beer (please bring a bottle)
- Raffle (All profits go to Abbey Road Friends)

The evening is a Cowboy theme so wear jeans, etc. but ALL guns must be left at the Sheriff’s office.

Hi Ho Silver!

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