Sunday, 29 November 2009

‘ARF October/November Blog’

Hi All,
We are pleased to inform everyone that after three years of planning and tremendous support from Friends, Family and Bexley authority we finally collected our keys to our new home on the 18th November, hooray!

We are hoping to move into our new home on the 7th Dec once all the furnishings and fittings have been completed. Our parents and CRCB are working hard to ensure our CSW team are fully trained and able to support a 24/7 rota.

Fundraising Events:
A number of events were held during the months of October and November to raise further funds for ‘ARF':

Nik’s Cowboy Themed Party:
To celebrate Nik leaving home and commencing his new adventure with ‘ARF’ guests were invited to join a Cowboy themed evening with hat’s, Bucking Bronco and great food.

As you can see from the above pictures everyone had a great evening. The event raised £480 which included a raffle, personal donations and from the sale of an autographed set of 9 children’s books donated by the author Denis Bond.

Author Denis Bond

Nik’s Friends and Family also raised a further £250 in personal donations and fund raising on the behalf of ‘ARF’. Well done everyone!

Bangers & Burgers!:
Our great friend Diane held another ‘ARF’ event at her home on the 5th November to celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’. Guests were charged an entrance fee and the pleasure of eating Burgers & Hot Dogs. Everyone had a great night and the event raised £200.

Charlotte’s Aunt Cheryl held another Girls night at her home and charged guests for the pleasure of an overnight stay and morning breakfast. Well breakfast turned into more of a ‘Brunch’ due to the amount of liquid refreshments consumed the night before ha,ha.

The girls giggled all-night long and raised £145 in the process Zzzzzzzzzzz!

Churchill Insurance:
Charlotte’s Mum Kay was presented with a cheque for the sum of £1,125.30 during November which was raised on the behalf of ‘ARF’ throughout various events during 2009.

The above picture includes Charlotte’s Aunt Jackie and her colleagues from the RBS Business Support team who continue to support ‘ARF’ with further events scheduled for December.

We also received a further Cheque for the sum of £300 which was a RBS team award which the team kindly agreed to donate to ‘ARF’.

Once again a big thank you goes to everyone at Churchill’s/RBS for their continued support.

Well what a couple of busy months it’s been and how pleased we are to be able to share our amazing news about receiving the keys to our new home. We will update you next month with our progress to finally achieving our dream of living independently in our own home. So don’t forget to check our blog towards the end of December for the best Christmas present ever!

Until next time, thank you everyone for your continued support!

Charlotte, Kerrie & Nik : ) lol

PS: There are a few tickets left for the Twins Christmas Party in Dartford on Sunday 6th December at £25 per person. Please check the blog for further details

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