Saturday, 20 February 2010

Christmas Comes Early for ‘ARF’!

Hi Everyone, apologies for the delayed update to the blog, but this is due to some extremely exciting news? On the 17th December 2009 our dream finally became a reality when we moved into our new home.

As you can imagine this presented us with new challenges and required additional support from both our friends and families who again rose to the occasion in aid of supporting ‘ARF Living Their Dream’. We are pleased to confirm that with this support and Crossroads Care Bexley we have our 24/7 support structure in place to live independently of our families.

This adventure has taken three years in the making and we have so many people to thank. We must begin with Val and Mary who started this project with our parents and without their support and professionalism our dream would have continued to be a just a dream. We’ve had the support of both new and old friends throughout the three years and it would take too long to list all individuals personally in the blog, but we must make special mentions to the following:

Diane Connor and Margaret Harrild for their support in organising a number of imaginative and successful fund raising events throughout 2009, the last being the ‘Christmas Twins Night’ which raised £550. Axis for their continued support and amazing Charity Disco held in September. RBS/Churchills for their support throughout 2009 raising a final total of over £3,000 from various events which included Raffles, Cake & Book mornings, Boot Fair, Internal works Calendar and a number of personal donations.

We must also thank a number of local businesses and services for their continued support which include Bexley Services, Crossroads Care Bexley and Southern Carpets.

As previously mentioned we apologise for not being able to list everyone in this blog but we are in the process of sending thank you letters to ALL individuals/groups who supported us in achieving our dream. We will also be sending VIP invites to an ‘ARF Open Day’ which will be held in March. However our front door is always open and you are welcome to visit us at anytime.

We have one final thank you and that’s to our families, especially our parents who without their love, support and dedication our dream would not have become a reality. Our parents are our voice and it’s to them that we owe so much through their love, care and dedication to support our dream of living a normal independent life in our own home within the local community.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so many caring people providing unconditional love, allowing three friends to enjoy life and the adventures that only others can dream of. We are proof that dreams can come true if you wish hard enough and have those around you that are dedicated in supporting others.

Thank you, we owe so much to you ALL and you will always have our gratitude, love and the knowledge that you made three young adults life’s so much more fulfilling with your support, love and generosity.

Thank You!

Charlotte, Kerrie & Nik : ) lol

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